Downtown Montcalm sector to host innovative new industrial building and future municipal park

Downtown Montcalm sector to host innovative new industrial building and future municipal park

Downtown Montcalm sector to host innovative new industrial building and future municipal park 440 247 fernandezrp

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Downtown Montcalm sector to host innovative new industrial building and future municipal park

Candiac, Qc, April 13th , 2023 – ROSEFELLOW., a leading real estate development company and the City of Candiac announced today the construction of an innovative industrial building that will be located in the future downtown area of Montcalm. The new 44,000 mstructure will be located on the site of the former Owens Corning factory, which has been vacant since 2007. The plan will see ROSEFFELLOW. transfer nearly 10,000 mof land to the Ville de Candiac for conversion into a municipal park.

Turning the page
The building that housed the former Owens Corning factory, which was closed several years ago, is in an advanced state of decay, and has been subject to several instances of vandalism, a trend which if continued could over time become a security threat and affect the neighborhood’s quality of life. Candiac residents will thus be happy to learn that dismantling of the old factory began on April 11th, 2023 and that construction work on the future building is expected to begin this summer.

Eco-responsible deconstruction
During ROSEFELLOW.’s application for a demolition permit, the City of Candiac, accompanied by Recyc-Québec, negotiated a preliminary plan with ROSEFELLOW. related to the management of materials generated at the deconstruction site. The objective is to minimize dismantling waste by taking the necessary measures to recover materials and products that can be reused or recycled.

The deconstruction team aims to recycle 60% of the dry debris and 100% of the steel. Most of the concrete that will be deconstructed can also be reused. Rigorous monitoring and site supervision will be carried out to ensure the traceability of the debris. Certain historical objects and components will be preserved by the City of Candiac to enhance, retain and bring memories of the place to life.

The deconstruction work will be carried out by section. This process will minimize obstacles. Truck traffic and access to the unloading area will take place via Avenue d’Inverness and an embankment will be built to conceal the loading area from Boulevard Montcalm Nord. Particular attention will be paid to dust control in order to reduce the impact on surrounding citizens and factories.

First building of its kind in Candiac
This major, thoughtfully, and sustainable-designed initiative aligns with ROSEFELLOW.’s and the City of Candiac’s vision of creating an energy-efficient building slated for light industrial use, that will integrate into the neighborhood. Construction will take place in accordance with the City of Candiac’s 2018-2033 Strategic Development Plan and its Urban Development Plan (PPU) related to its downtown Montcalm sector. It will also be part of its Action plan aimed at reducing the city’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Guidelines outlined in the preliminary program that were developed related to the reuse of the vacated land call for the construction of a new building that will be covered in part by photovoltaic solar panels and heated through the use of an efficient heat pump system. Part of the roof will be green, and a filtration basin and a water retention basin will be planned in alignment with stakeholders’ wishes. The project will also feature an ecological parking area, collective gardens and plant walls. The future building will aim to obtain a Zero Carbon Building – Design (ZCB-Design) certification.

The building was designed with its projected impact on the neighborhood and particularly Square Candiac in mind. Integration with Square Candiac will thus include the development of a large, vegetated buffer zone that will include the planting of trees and significant seeding efforts. Two mural works of art visible from Boulevard Montcalm and Square Candiac will also be integrated. Truck traffic and access to the unloading area should take place via Avenue d’Inverness. An embankment will be built to conceal the loading area from Boulevard Montcalm Nord.

“We are thrilled to participate in developing downtown Montcalm in Candiac. We build buildings that are respectful of the environment and that meet the criteria of future generations. This project is a new opportunity for us to leave a legacy for posterity ”, said Mike Jager, ROSEFELLOW.’s co-founder and co-owner.

“We applaud this beginning of a new chapter in the future downtown Montcalm in Candiac. This unique new construction, which aligns perfectly with our strategic vision, will change the face of the downtown Montcalm sector. We look forward to being able to offer an additional, green, leisure area to Candiac residents by providing access to a second park. These announcements represent a high point in the life of this changing urban area and a first step towards what will become in the next decade an attractive and dynamic living environment reflecting Candiac’s commitments to sustainable development “, says Normand Dyotte, Candiac’s mayor.

ROSEFELLOW. is one of Canada’s leading real estate development firms. The company has more than 20 million square feet under development in various industrial and multi-residential projects in Quebec and Ontario. ROSEFELLOW. designs, constructs, and manages buildings that push the boundaries of sustainable innovation at every opportunity. ROSEFELLOW. is notably responsible for the recent construction of the Cent-Onze, a residential rental project Saint-Laurent, the Novelia in Anjou, as well as several industrial buildings in the Montreal region and in Ontario.

The City of Candiac, which is located at the crossroads of highways 15 and 30, along the St. Lawrence River, stands out for its large urban forest and the quality of its services. Thanks to an urban model redesigned to reconcile the well-being of citizens and a reduced ecological footprint, Candiac is developing avant-garde infrastructures that enable optimized resource management. The city thus features large-scale development projects that are designed according to the best sustainable development practices while focusing on active, public transportation. Candiac, which is ranked in the top tier of Montérégie municipalities for its economic vitality, is an essential strategic hub for any investor.

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