Two talented engineers on a mission to democratize smart city

Two talented engineers on a mission to democratize smart city

Two talented engineers on a mission to democratize smart city 440 247 fernandezrp

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With its open GPS tracking technology, niosense connects traffic signals to make traffic smoother and reduce GHG emissions.

Montreal (Quebec), May 31, 2021 – Quebec start-up niosense announces the deployment of its intelligent traffic signal management solution in the City of Trois-Rivières. This showcase will allow the young technological company to demonstrate the effectiveness of its product, which promises to generate fuel savings for fleets, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and better manage heavy traffic in urban areas to minimize nuisance.

“Reducing GHGs is a global issue. We are delighted that the City of Trois-Rivières has adopted our technology. We will quickly have data to show the benefits of this approach for all municipalities in Quebec and, hopefully, communities around the world, ”explains Patrick Lauzière, President and CEO of niosense.


Using the GPS tracking system offered by the company, municipalities make sure to optimize traffic management on their territory by making truck traffic smoother and safer at traffic lights. Knowing that each stop-start of a heavy truck can produce up to eight (8) kilos of GHGs, the use of the niosense technology supports municipalities in a concrete way in achieving their reduction targets of GHG emission.

Note that 42% of GHGs emitted in Quebec come from the transportation industry. To achieve GHG reductions through fuel savings and provide time savings and convenience for heavy truck fleet managers, niosense relies on its innovative and original solution.

“The important thing is to respect the fact that mobility belongs to everyone. We believe that only those with business models that leave to cities the ownership of their data as well as complete autonomy on their road operations will be accepted by citizens and, ultimately, may have a chance of success” – says Patrick Lauziere.

Moreover, niosense is among the projects selected for the technological showcase in land transport and sustainable mobility 2020-2021 of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation (MEI). The $ 350,000 grant was confirmed yesterday afternoon during the official announcement of the MEI, in the presence of Propulsion Québec as well as IVÉO, a leading partner who contributed to setting up the project within the framework. The company was also selected by the Center of Excellence in Energy Efficiency (C3E), which supports niosense in its mission and accompanies it in its growth through a second funding of $ 350,000. Other funding and partnership announcements will be unveiled shortly.


Developed using open and secure technologies, the solution offered by niosense has the advantage of being easily integrated into existing IT infrastructures. It also allows municipal computer network managers to add additional functions and to adjust services and management according to specific needs or traffic-related demands.

This solution, unlike those usually proposed, does not require any new expenditure for the cities and their citizens, since it is connected via the already existing municipal structures.

“We firmly believe that it is high time for people and systems to talk to each other. And we have a solution to create a link between the partners so that this data can be used for infrastructures to take the right action, in the right place, at the right time. Whether it is through air quality, a better environment for citizens, savings for businesses, or the fluidity of the road network, everyone will be a winner. », concludes Patrick Lauzière.

Founded in 2020 by two engineers (Patrick Lauzière and David Préville) niosense offers an intelligent technological solution that is connected to traffic signals. Its mission is to democratize the use of new technologies to improve mobility. To achieve this, niosense relies on an approach in partnership with cities to reduce GHGs globally and by optimizing the movements of the most energy-consuming vehicles.

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