Environment and technology | ROSEFELLOW. announces first high-end, zero-carbon industrial campus in Kirkland

Environment and technology | ROSEFELLOW. announces first high-end, zero-carbon industrial campus in Kirkland

Environment and technology | ROSEFELLOW. announces first high-end, zero-carbon industrial campus in Kirkland 440 247 Fernandez relations publiques

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Environment and technology
Kirkland, QC, March 27th, 2023 – ROSEFELLOW., a leading real estate developer, announced today that a high-end industrial campus it is building in the town of Kirkland will be carbon zero. This major $300 million project, which will include three carbon zero buildings, is expected to attract cutting-edge businesses to this highly strategic region in the Western half of the Island of Montreal.ROSEFELLOW. and the Town of Kirkland substantiate their desire to create a high-end technology hub in the municipality. This signature project will use a range of energy-efficient features in all three buildings. These include high-performance insulation, LED lighting, an electric heating system and smart energy management systems. The objective is to minimize the building’s energy drain and to reduce the carbon effects in the materials that will be used during construction. Building A with an area of 169,000 square feet, Building B with an area of 258,000 square feet, and building C with an area of 161,000 square feet, are expected to accommodate companies from a range of industries.Construction work will be spread out over a one-year period to limit impacts in the area. ROSEFELLOW. expects to deliver the first building by the end of 2023. The entire project is expected to be completed by the spring of 2024.

“Developing buildings that limit climate impacts has become a major priority for all of mankind. Reducing carbon footprints of industrial buildings is a key enabler of sustainable futures,” says Sam Tsoumas ROSEFELLOW.’s co-founder and co-owner.

“For all development projects within its boundaries, the Town of Kirkland takes an integrated sustainable development approach based on a balance between the economy, the environment and the social aspect. We therefore welcome with great enthusiasm ROSEFELLOW.’s commitment to making the buildings on its industrial campus carbon neutral – a project that will become a model of innovative industrial development.”, says Kirkland mayor Michel Gibson.

Innovative buildings
ROSEFELLOW. has been associated with a range of successful projects. These include Nespresso, a Pointe-Claire locale that houses Dormez-Vous and Steve Madden, and a project in Casselman Ontario in conjunction with Ford Canada. “We did not rent out any space prior to construction. That remains the case this time around. Our projects are attractive and in high demand. Companies contact us with increasing enthusiasm due to our unique approach centered on sustainability and technology,” said Mike Jager, ROSEFELLOW.’S co-founder and co-owner.

ROSEFELLOW. and the Town of Kirkland announced the initial features of this new high-end industrial campus last September, which will built on a more than 1.3 million square feet property located in the Western half of the Island of Montreal, at the corner of Highway 40 and Boulevard Saint-Charles in Kirkland’s industrial zone.

This strategic location integrates with REM Montreal, a major public transit hub and is also easily accessible by car, which will enable future investors, tenants, distributors, and employees to more easily and conveniently pursue activities on the island of Montreal. The developers will install a visual wall close to residential infrastructure near the new campus to preserve neighboring residents’ safety and tranquility.

ROSEFELLOW. is one of Canada’s leading real estate development firms. The company has more than 20 million square feet under development in various industrial and multi-residential projects in Quebec and Ontario. ROSEFELLOW. designs, constructs, and manages buildings that push the boundaries of sustainable innovation at every opportunity. ROSEFELLOW. is notably responsible for the recent construction of the Cent-Onze, a residential rental project Saint-Laurent, the Novelia in Anjou, as well as several industrial buildings in the Montreal region and in Ontario.

Kirkland is a young and dynamic city located in the heart of the West Island of Montreal whose territory extends over an area of 9.64 kmand which serves a population of 20,081 inhabitants. Kirkland’s ease of access, proximity to essential services and the quality of the services it offers residents and corporate citizens who choose to call Kirkland home, are all attributes that make Kirkland the vibrant city it is today, a great place where to live, work and play.

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