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MT Lab X COO Toronto

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The Cooperation Council of Ontario (CCO) and the MT Lab announce a strategic partnership to foster innovation and economic growth between Ontario and Quebec

Toronto, Ontario, Thursday, June 29, 2023 — The Cooperation Council of Ontario (CCO) and the MT Lab are delighted to announce the first agreement between the renowned consulting social enterprise and the Quebec-based startup incubator/accelerator dedicated to tourism, culture and entertainment. In addition to bridging the gap between Ontario and Quebec, this partnership brings together two organizations with a shared vision of collaboration and growth.

This strategic agreement enables the CCO to establish a strong presence at the heart of Montreal’s creative startup ecosystem, with the establishment of an anchor point in the MT Lab offices in Montreal. This gives the CCO immediate access to the active community maintained by the MT Lab, where knowledge exchange and innovation are at the heart of daily life.

At the same time, the MT Lab and the companies it incubates will be housed in Espace Desjardins, the CCO’s shared workspace in Toronto. This agreement will enable Quebec start-ups to take advantage of the CCO’s vast network, expertise and resources to develop new markets, partnerships and growth.

The CCO’s offices provide a supportive environment, where startups can hone their offerings and benefit from expert advice in the country’s financial capital ecosystem. This is particularly advantageous in the run-up to Collision, North America’s fastest-growing technology event. In return, the MT Lab will guide the CCO and its network of companies across Quebec, providing invaluable market intelligence.

With its focus on the promotion, development and management of mission-driven enterprises, in particular social enterprises and cooperatives, the CCO has become a key player in the social innovation and consulting community. The MT Lab, meanwhile, has been recognized for its versatile team, prestigious partners and innovative incubation services, all evolving within its dynamic, modern coworking space.

The CCO and the MT Lab underline the importance of the Programme québécois d’appui à la francophonie canadienne in the creation of this strategic partnership. This collaboration not only strengthens ties between Ontario and Quebec, but also fosters economic development and innovation within the Canadian business landscape.

The MT Lab delegation at the CCO offices in Espace Desjardins
About the Cooperation Council of Ontario:
A leading economic, social and community development organization in Ontario, the Cooperation Council of Ontario propels impactful ideas, approaches and projects.We stimulate community development, connect talent, produce applied research, and support the emergence and growth of mission-based organizations, primarily co-operatives and social enterprises. But above all, we are an impact-driven organization, working every day to create a better Ontario.


About the MT Lab :
The first startup incubator dedicated to tourism, culture and entertainment in North America, the MT Lab was created by UQAM and Tourisme Montréal and opened its doors in September 2017. Located in the heart of Montreal’s entertainment district, part meeting place, part startup accelerator and part exchange hub, the MT Lab supports companies with innovative solutions for major industry players.

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