Prehos Shifts into higher Gear in the Marketing of its Pre-Hospital Care Digital Solution

Prehos Shifts into higher Gear in the Marketing of its Pre-Hospital Care Digital Solution

Prehos Shifts into higher Gear in the Marketing of its Pre-Hospital Care Digital Solution 440 247 fernandezrp

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An investment of over $2M in public and private funds

Quebec City, 18 June 2019 — The pre-hospital emergency services company Dessercom announces a direct investment of $1.75M in Quebec SME Prehos to support the implementation of its technological solutions and its sustained growth on the Canadian and international markets. An additional amount of up to $350,000 will also be granted by Investissement Québec as part of the Créativité Québec program, for a total investment of two million dollars that will provide Prehos with the impetus it needs to tap into new markets.

These new financial resources come at an important time for the innovative company. Currently firmly established in community paramedicine services of Quebec and Ontario, Prehos has now been granted the necessary financial commitments to pursue its efforts to develop and market its cutting-edge technological solution.

The key feature of the technology developed and constantly updated by Prehos is that it optimizes, in real-time, patient care management, operations management, data analysis and quality assurance in order to enhance the care provided to the population, while at the same time offering iron-clad security and optimum reliability.

“Improving public healthcare and welfare is an integral part of Dessercom’s primary mission. This $1.75M investment in venture capital is a signal of our team’s clear commitment to the efficiency of the Prehos solution and its outstanding potential to increase the performance of pre-hospital emergency services and home care both in Quebec and around the world,” asserted Maxim Laviolette, General Manager of Dessercom.

From the outset, the Prehos team has adhered to the highest safety standards in the industry and implemented them through a Security by Design approach that guarantees the protection of all personal data. In addition to data encryption, traceability and the use of the most up-to-date security protocols, Prehos complies to the standards and requirements of privacy laws in all the areas in which it operates.

Prehos is an innovative Quebec City-based company providing a highly advanced technological solution in the field of pre-hospital emergency care, home care, community paramedicine and patient transportation planning and optimization. The Prehos solution hinges on ongoing development and an approach centred on the collaboration of other technological partners in the healthcare sector.

Founded in 1968, Dessercom is a non-profit organization providing pre-hospital emergency services (ambulances) and non-emergency patient transportation. With its 1,100 employees and a fleet of more than 250 vehicles, it is Canada’s largest privately-owned company in the field. Every year, its extensive team, working at over fifty different service points located in almost all of the province’s administrative regions, perform a total of 165,000 interventions. In operation for 50 years and having acquired as many years of experience serving patients and the population, Dessercom is a community-focused company committed to the mission of improving healthcare services in Quebec.

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