Regence Footwear broadens product line following Paragone acquisition

Regence Footwear broadens product line following Paragone acquisition

Regence Footwear broadens product line following Paragone acquisition 440 247 fernandezrp

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Regence Footwear broadens product line following Paragone acquisition

Quebec City, January 4, 2023 – Regence Footwear, a North American leader in the creation, production and distribution of safety and outdoor shoes, is taking a major step forward through the acquisition of Paragone, the Quebec-based marketer of the NAT’S and Pilote & Filles brands.

The synergies created by the merger include increased stability for Paragone’s Quebec operations, the expansion of Regence Footwear’s product line to include a broader range of women’s SKUs, the strengthening of Regence Footwear’s branding as a benchmark in the safety footwear and workwear industry, and perfect alignment with its product development and growth plan, which is focused on excellence, quality, and innovation.

“We are thrilled to welcome the Paragone team into the family and to act as a distributor of the NAT’S and Pilote & Filles brands. Our customers will now have broader access to a wider selection of shoes and protective clothing that are adapted to specific markets and worker needs,” said Alexandre Bergeron, President of Regence Footwear.

A Quebec succession strategy

Paragone, a family business, led by brothers Claude and Philippe Bernadet, who are President and Vice-President respectively has been booming in recent years. Today the company is well-positioned to meet growing demand and to better handle the challenges associated with an increasingly digitized economy.

“Regence Footwear’s expertise and know-how align marvelously with our desire to automate operations and stabilize our business succession plans. This presents a perfect opportunity to entrust Paragone to a local company, and above all, to guarantee the future of our employees,” said Claude Bernadet, as his brother Philippe nodded in agreement. “We are proud to be associated with the large Regence Footwear family and we can now begin to think about retirement with complete peace of mind.”

Regence Footwear now distributes the Acton, STC, Wilkuro, Oshatoes, Dunlop, Cofra, NAT’S and Pilotes &Filles brands.

From left to right : Alexandre Bergeron, President of Regence Footwear, Philippe Bernadet Vice-President of Paragone and Claude Bernadet President of Paragone

About Regence Footwear
Regence Footwear, which was founded in 1979, first became known for the excellence of its winter boots which are sold across Canada, the United States, and South America. Today the company specializes in manufacturing and distributing work and outdoor footwear. Regence Footwear’s unparalleled industry expertise drives its team to strive to create products that are perfectly adapted to specific user needs.

About Paragone
Paragone, which designs and distributes the NAT’S and Pilote & Filles product lines, was founded in 1985, is currently based in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures in the Quebec region. The company supplies a range of safe, targeted work clothes and footwear, notably through the design of waterproof boots and EVA winter boots. Paragone’s Pilote & Filles work clothes and shoes collection offers stylish products in bold colors specially designed for women.

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